Warrick Dunn is a former American football running back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 12 seasons. He was born on January 5, 1975, in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dunn played college football at Florida State University, where he was a three-time All-ACC selection and a first-team All-American as a senior. He was also named an All-American in Track & Field as a member of the FSU’s 4x100M Men’s Relay team.  In 1997, he was selected 12th overall in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

During his NFL career, Dunn played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1997-2001, 2008) and the Atlanta Falcons (2002-2007). He rushed for 10,967 yards, (ranking #23 all-time), 4,339 receiving yards, and added 358 kick-return yards for 15,665 total career scrimmage yards (ranking #26 all-time).  Dunn scored 64 touchdowns in his career. He was also a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

Off the field, Dunn has been heavily involved in philanthropy, particularly through his Warrick Dunn Charities organization, which provides homes and other assistance to single-parent families. Dunn was inspired to start this organization after his mother, a Baton Rouge police officer, was killed in the line of duty when he was 18 years old.

After retiring from football, Warrick Dunn has achieved success in various endeavors.

One of his notable achievements is his philanthropic work. In 1997, Dunn founded the Homes for the Holidays program, which provides homes to single parents and their families. Through the program, Dunn has helped over 211, (and counting), single parents and their children to become homeowners. In addition, he also created additional programs within the charity, which support disadvantaged youth and families in their efforts to achieve their educational and economic goals.

Dunn is also an accomplished author. In 2008, he wrote a book titled “Running for My Life,” which details his upbringing and his journey to become an NFL player. The book was a New York Times bestseller and received critical acclaim.

In 2017, Dunn was named as an NFL Legend, recognizing his significant contributions to the league. He is also a member of the Florida State University Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor.

Dunn has also been involved in entreprenurial ventures, including minority ownership in the Atlanta Falcons NFL franchise and a real estate development company.

Overall, Warrick Dunn has been successful in his philanthropic work, writing, and business ventures after his retirement from football.

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